I can’t stress this enough—wedding photography is an investment.

For me, photographing your wedding is more than just showing up and taking pictures. It’s about encapsulating a moment in time, an emotion, the way the day felt so you can relive it whenever you look at your photos. When you book me, you aren't just hiring a photographer—you are hiring someone who is there to help your day go as smoothly as possible. Someone who wants to make sure that you are stress free, as well as someone who probably wants to get down with you on the dance floor. If you work with me, you are probably someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and wants to have fun on their day. Someone who wants to focus on sharing moments with their loved ones more than replicating an image you have seen somewhere else. Someone who has seen my work, loves it, and can trust my process.

I want to photograph your day as it unfolds in all it's natural beauty.

The moment when you first see your groom-to-be, your mother wiping away a tear as you read your vows, and the wacky cousin stirring it up on the dance floor like a madman—these are the photos I live for.


Most couples can expect to invest between $5,000-$6,000 for full wedding day coverage. For an exact quote, reach out and let's talk about your wedding day plans!

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